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TpT Focused Success is more than a course. . . it is a proven roadmap that has helped hundreds of teacher-authors become ultra focused on the right things, leading to increased sales and happier, returning buyers.

Follow this time-tested roadmap to learn:

  • How to Take Your TPT Business to the Next Level. Learn how you can take your TpT business to the next level and avoid the teacherpreneur plateau, no matter where you are on your teacher author journey.

  • Where to Focus. If you are unsure of where to put your focus in order to see the greatest growth, you'll learn exactly where to invest your time and energy.

  • Sure-Fire Strategies to Get Your Business Moving. Gain some valuable tips and strategies that are guaranteed to pay off with your teacher author business.

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In this course, you will increase your productivity, improve your resources, and expand your customer reach. With your registration in this extra-helpful platform, you will receive the following:

  • 8 Webinar Videos: Each video focuses on one of the 8 Steps of TpT Focused Success. In the videos, Shelly shares strategies, tips, and ideas to help you get your product creation on track and improve your TpT business! It's work at your own pace, which is perfect for busy teacherpreneurs like you!
  • Course Planner: This helpful planner helps you set productivity and marketing goals each month. For each webinar video, there is a section of the planner that you will complete by reflecting on your own business practices and products in your store. You can stay accountable by posting your progress and questions in our closed Facebook group! The planner is updated twice a year.
  • PowerPoint Tutorial Library: This collection of short video tutorials is priceless. The vast majority of teacher authors use PowerPoint to create their resources. This tutorial library has quick videos to help you with things like resizing and manipulating clip art, layering text and images, and creating titles that pop! (This library is also included in the Teacherpreneur School Course.)
  • Tailwind Tribe Invitation: In this tribe, you will share your best pins created during the Pinterest session of the course! 
  • Inclusion in a Closed Facebook Community Group: Many course members report this as being their favorite part of the course. Why? Well, this community is positive, encouraging, and helpful. It's pretty amazing! You can ask any questions you have about the course and the world of TpT, and other members will be there to help you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Don't delay another minute! It's time to get focused, work with a plan, and be successful! This course is the ultimate tool in helping you get on the right path to accomplishing your TpT goals! 

Are you ready to start implementing these game-changing strategieto take your TpT business to the level you dream it can be? 

About Your TpT Mentor, Shelly Rees:

Course Q&A

Q: I am an experienced seller. Is this course really for me?
A: This course is helpful to sellers of all levels. Several sellers who have been in the top 100 on TpT have found the course to be very helpful in refining their practices and finding the motivation they need to either get back on track or to stay on track.

Q: I have not yet opened a TpT store. Will this course help me?
A: If you have not yet opened a store or started your business, this course is probably not for you. It does not cover how to set up a store or the basics of how to create products. The Teacherpreneur School Course will be a better fit for you. Once you've done those things, please come back and the course content will be much more meaningful to you.

Q: What kind of sales growth can I expect as a result of taking this course?
A: There are many factors that can affect your own sales growth, so one number will not fit all here. Many members, however, have achieved consistent growth of over 100% from previous years since taking the course.

Q: Do I have to complete the video session and lessons in a certain time frame? I'm a busy teacher!
A: There is no pressure to complete the videos in a specific amount of time. It's work at your own pace, so it is totally up to you!

Q: I'm concerned about the cost. Will it really be worth it?
A: Shelly has spent countless hours developing and testing the content of the course, so that you will get the most bang for your buck with this course. With eight detailed, helpful video webinar sessions, a helpful planner, and access to an amazing, positive Facebook community, it will be completely worth it. Many course participants have reported that they made back the amount they invested in the course within the first month, or even within the first week! Plus, it can make a great business expense deduction for tax time!

Q: What if things change on TpT and the information in the videos is no longer relevant?
A: It's almost guaranteed that things WILL change in our teacher-author world. Pinterest, Facebook, and the TpT site are continually evolving. Shelly does her best to stay current with those changes and revise things in the course accordingly.

Q: Will I learn the ins and outs of marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram in this course?
A: While we do discuss the importance of marketing in the course, there is NOT detailed instruction on those platforms. Pinterest, however, is discussed more in-depth and has its own entire video webinar. The main emphasis of this course is product creation and listings.

What's included?

41 Videos
3 Texts
2 PDFs

Course Curriculum

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What others have been saying about this course:

Kristin Muse

Love, love, love

I was not a brand new seller when I came across this course but I was in need of direction and inspiration. This course along with the most supportive Facebook group has given me both. My store has continued to climb in the rankings and I feel eac...

Dean Trout

Best $$ I have ever spent to grow my TpT store!

I have bought many business-related courses prior to this one and have been left feeling overwhelmed and confused. I have been on TpT for 5 years and was struggling to grow my store. This course has literally changed my business life. I saw imme...

Michael Gravois

This course helped me get organized and focused

As a TpT seller, I often found myself overwhelmed with all that needed to be done and all that I didn't know how to do. But I was serious about wanting to grow my store, so I signed up for this course on a friend's recommendation. As I worked thro...

Amber DIal

Motivation Galore!

As an experienced seller, I was unsure if this course would apply to me. Although I knew a lot of the information that was given in the course, the value (for experienced sellers and new sellers alike) is truly in the FB group that Shelly leads w...

Linda Silver

Amazing! So much value for all TpT sellers!

This course has been one of the best decisions I have made during my time as a TpT seller. Originally, I was not sure whether to join, since I am an SLP and had been a seller for a few years. Now, I just wish that I had signed up when I first hear...

Heather Johnson

This Course Has Changed My Life

When I started my TpT journey, I never imagined where it would take me. I started off small, like most people, but when I decided to start trying to get pregnant, I started to think of my store more as a way to help my family financially. I deci...

Patricia Rakovic

An Excellent Investment

Shelly Keyser Rees's course is a FABULOUS buy! Prior to her course, I didn't even know what I did not know about the creation and selling of educational products on TPT. Her focused instruction, step by step visual support ( videos and workbook)...

Sheldon Jordan

The Best Investment for my TPT Business!

I started this course when it was on TPT, and it honestly, was the best decision that I've ever made! This course helped me to think about branding, improve my products, and make tweaks to my current store that have helped me to double and even tr...

Amy Ampt

This course is a game changer!

When I started the TPT Focussed Success course I was plodding along with my business and didn't have a clear focus. I needed direction for the tasks and steps that I needed to take to really step up my game on TPT. I knew the things I had to do bu...

Shannon Schoenebeck

Worth every penny!

Shelly has put together an absolutely amazing course. Not only does she offer valuable insight but she provides support and an incredible collaborative Facebook groups. The monthly challenges she puts together have transformed my business. I highl...

Alison Meggs

Fantastic Course

I loved this course from the moment I started it. I have been selling on TpT for quite some time but needed motivation and to stay focused to grow my store. Shelly is so inspiring and motivating and so easy to listen to and understand. The coursew...

Lousia Enstone

Secondary Seller Success!

This course is by far the best course I have taken to support my TpT business. Shelly covers in explicit detail all of the steps involved in product creation. She has great examples from her own store and it very open about what she has tried and ...

Cindy Martin

8 Steps

My sales have exploded since I took this course. The best two parts for me was to figure out how to be "searchable" using titles and snippets and how to really make a cover POP to attract customers. It helped me to focus on my business. This is ...

Jane Kotinek

An extraordinary Course

This course is well worth the dollars spent! Shelly does a fabulous job of outlining the steps needed to be a successful seller on TpT. The Facebook group is wonderful, as are Shelly's video chats. I highly recommend this course!

Jeni Shelton

Best Business Decision I Have Made!!

I have been a seller on TpT for a couple of years. I joined this course in the spring and have steadily worked through the steps as I updated existing products and created new ones. Since applying the steps to my products, I have seen my monthly...

Sara Drazkowski

This course has changed my TpT life!

I entered the world of TpT just trying to make a few extra dollars a month selling resources I created and used in my classroom. I sold a product every now and then, with no real luck. Taking this course has exponentially grown my sales! I now...

Kim Bobadilla

This course had a huge impact on my business

This course really changed many of my approaches to how I was handling my business. Shelly had advice that would have taken me years to figure out myself. I was headed down several paths that would have made my journey to success much longer. I am...

Stephanie Larsen


This course has been a total game-changer for me! Shelly is not only knowledgeable and motivating, but she is also so kind and encouraging. The course is fantastic, full of information to keep me on track, and being a part of her Focused Success F...

Tyna Constantopoulou

Couldn't do it without this course!

I purchased this course in February, just when I decided to open my own TpT store. I want to highlight the fact that this course is perfect for new sellers as it provides you with all the necessary knowledge to make a great start with quality reso...

Shelly Rees
Shelly Rees
Instructor and Site Owner

About the instructor

In January, 2014, Shelly uploaded her first paid resource to Teachers Pay Teachers. Within 9 months, she reached the first official TpT milestone, and found the next milestone within the next year. She believes her quick success was possible due to a variety of factors, including working in a focused manner and using the 8 steps outlined in her course, TpT Focused Success. Shelly is both honored and grateful to have been a panelist and a three-time presenter at the TpT National Convention. In her sessions, she presented a helpful overview of the TpT Focused Success Steps. The response from teacher-authors was overwhelmingly positive, and it soon became evident that there was a need for a deeper exploration of the 8 Focused Success steps. From that, the TpT Focused Success Course for sellers was born! 

Course members have enjoyed the benefit of the video webinars, product planner aligned to the 8 steps, and Shelly's guidance and monthly challenges in a closed Facebook community. As a result, many members report greatly increased sales and a much higher level of success with their TpT businesses. Shelly now looks forward to sharing her expertise, strategies, and skills with other teacher-authors so they can achieve their desired level of success as teacherpreneurs! 

Upon seeing a need for teachers wanting to begin selling their own lesson plans and resources online, Shelly developed a second course, Becoming a Teacherpreneur. She envisioned this course being the one-stop toolbox teachers need to get a quick start on the road to becoming successful business owners and changing their lives for the better. What better side hustle for a teacher than to own his or her own business creating resources for other teachers around the world?

Shelly Rees has over 23 years of practical teaching experience in the elementary classroom. She is very passionate about creating classroom materials that engage students in the learning process. Shelly believes that by providing students with the tools and skills they need to effectively organize their thoughts and learning, they will achieve a greater level of academic success. Saving teachers time and reducing their daily stress are also major influences in the resources that she creates.

If you are interested in bringing your business to the next level, these courses are for you! Shelly is ready to help you and a wonderful community of sellers is waiting for you to join in the fun!