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If You're Feeling Overwhelmed and Unfocused as a Teacherpreneur,

How Can You Expect Your TpT Business to Thrive and Grow?


In our TpT Focused Success Program, we provide you with all of the video lessons, organizers, and trainings you need, so that you can walk away knowing exactly which things you need to focus on to be successful with your TpT business!

You already know running a TpT business can be tough.

And with all the teaching, lesson-planning, and keeping things together at home taking up your time, it can feel virtually impossible to know what exactly to focus on to grow your business in a way that brings you the results you are hoping for.

And if you're like most teacher authors before they start working with the TpT Focused Success plan, then you probably feel overwhelmed and unsure of which exact things to focus on in your business . . . in fact, you probably feel as though you're just spinning your wheels or frozen with fear of investing your time on the wrong tasks.

We get it. We have all been there. I promise.

The truth is . . . you might have some of the best ideas and resources in the teacherpreneur world, but without spending your precious time on the right things, you might never see your TpT business bring the income level that you desire.

Once again, we totally get it. You have so many things to do, and so little time in which to do it. So many other teacherpreneurs seem to be having success and you're stuck, not knowing how to get there. It is frustrating, to say the least.

The thing is . . . if you don't STRATEGICALLY spend your time on the tasks that actually will get you results, then you will continue to struggle and see less than desirable sales data on your dashboard.

The cold hard truth is this:

If you don't begin to focus on the exact tasks in your business that are proven to get results, you'll continue to run from thing to thing in your business and be left feeling that you will never have the success you want.

Show us JUST ONE successful teacherpreneur who is reaching his or her dreams and goals without being intentional and focused with a plan.

You can't.

That's because they know something you may not have realized until right now:

When you use a PROVEN approach to your TpT business, you will begin to see the results you dreamed of for so long.

If you've already felt like your resources and TpT practices could be stronger and more effective, that means you already have what it takes to become a superstar teacher author.

In this program, we're going to show you EXACTLY how to do that.

Introducing. . .


(. . . you know, the ones where you take in the information and are left to figure it out on your own). 

It is a proven roadmap that has helped change hundreds of teacher-authors . . . 

from struggling, overwhelmed TPT sellers into ultra-focused, successful business owners. 

After learning the PROVEN TPT Focused Success Plan, you will walk away knowing: 

✔️ How to Take Your TPT Business to the Next Level. Learn how you can take your TpT business to the next level and avoid the teacherpreneur plateau, no matter where you are on your teacher author journey. 

✔️ Where to Focus. If you are unsure of where to put your focus in order to see the greatest growth, you'll learn exactly where to invest your time and energy. 

✔️ How to Use our Focused Success Planner, Video Modules, and Organizers to help you save time and work smarter. 

✔️ Sure-Fire Strategies to Get Your Business Moving. Gain some valuable tips and strategies that are guaranteed to pay off with your teacher author business. 

 That you are FINALLY on a path to getting results for your business . . . your teacher author friends will be asking you what your secret is for bringing your business to the next level.


A Proven Approach. Real Teacherpreneur Results.

Discover how TpT sellers (just like you!) are moving onward and upward with their own teacherpreneur businesses! 

People like . . .

"Shelly is a person of character, heart, and conviction, and it shows in everything she does. From the moment you join Focused Success you become a part of her TpT family and she really cares about you, your success, and your future. She has a caring nature and only says what she means. She works hard to see all her students succeed, and especially makes the Focused Challenge Group one that is motivating, fun, and, well, challenging, so that you see real results no matter what aspect of your business you are working on. Shelly and her course are the best money I’ve ever invested in my business, and I would do it again in a second!"  

Brittany N., Teacher Author

Here's what's waiting for you inside the program right after you join:

In this course, you will increase your productivity, improve your resources, and expand your customer reach. Once you join the program, you will receive the following:

☑️ 8 Webinar Videos: Each video focuses on one of the 8 Steps of TpT Focused Success. In the videos, Shelly shares strategies, tips, and ideas to help you get your product creation on track and improve your TpT business! It's work at your own pace, which is perfect for busy teacherpreneurs like you!

☑️ Course Planner: This helpful planner helps you set productivity and marketing goals each month. For each webinar video, there is a section of the planner that you will complete by reflecting on your own business practices and products in your store. You can stay accountable by posting your progress and questions in our closed Facebook group! The planner is updated twice a year.
☑️ PowerPoint Tutorial Library: This collection of short video tutorials is priceless. The vast majority of teacher authors use PowerPoint to create their resources. This tutorial library has quick videos to help you with things like resizing and manipulating clip art, layering text and images, and creating titles that pop! (This library is also included in the Teacherpreneur School Course.)
☑️ Inclusion in a Closed Facebook Community Group: Many course members report this as being their favorite part of the course. Why? Well, this community is positive, encouraging, and helpful. It's pretty amazing! You can ask any questions you have about the course and the world of TpT, and other members will be there to help you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Don't delay another minute! It's time to get focused, work with a plan, and be successful! This course is the ultimate tool in helping you get on the right path to accomplishing your TpT goals! 


The first choice is to do nothing. And, as you already know, if you choose nothing, then nothing changes. . .

BUT, if you already know that you want to take your TpT business to the next level and implement a proven teacherpreneur program, then your choice is obvious: join us inside the TPT Focused Success Program, and start your journey to becoming the successful teacherprenuer you were meant to be.

Simply click on the button at the bottom of this page, and our team will be ready to welcome you on the inside!

But choose quickly! Registration won't be open for very long.

After that, it will be quite some time before you have the chance to join again.

You'll miss out on the chance to use a PROVEN approach to your TPT business, become more successful than you thought possible, and change your life forever.

You CAN do it. You are smart, educated, and driven. With the right tools and focus on exactly the right things, you can transform your business and your life (even during a difficult school year!).

And Shelly will be here to help you each step of the way.

So, don't waste another year dreaming about would could be as you run from task to task with minimal results.

About Shelly Rees

Course Q&A

Q: I am an experienced seller. Is this course really for me?
A: This course is helpful to sellers of all levels. Several sellers who have been in the top 100 on TpT have found the course to be very helpful in refining their practices and finding the motivation they need to either get back on track or to stay on track.

Q: I have not yet opened a TpT store. Will this course help me?
A: If you have not yet opened a store or started your business, this course is probably not for you. It does not cover how to set up a store or the basics of how to create products. The Teacherpreneur School Course will be a better fit for you. Once you've done those things, please come back and the course content will be much more meaningful to you.

Q: What kind of sales growth can I expect as a result of taking this course?
A: There are many factors that can affect your own sales growth, so one number will not fit all here. Many members, however, have achieved consistent growth of over 100% from previous years since taking the course.

Q: Do I have to complete the video session and lessons in a certain time frame? I'm a busy teacher!
A: There is no pressure to complete the videos in a specific amount of time. It's work at your own pace, so it is totally up to you!

Q: What is the cost of the course?
A: TpT Focused Success is $297. You can also choose a 2-payment plan of $154 or a 3-payment plan of $108.

Q: I'm concerned about the cost. Will it really be worth it?
A: Shelly has spent countless hours developing and testing the content of the course, so that you will get the most bang for your buck with this course. With eight detailed, helpful video webinar sessions, a helpful planner, and access to an amazing, positive Facebook community, it will be completely worth it. Many course participants have reported that they made back the amount they invested in the course within the first month, or even within the first week! Plus, it can make a great business expense deduction for tax time!

Q: What if things change on TpT and the information in the videos is no longer relevant?
A: It's almost guaranteed that things WILL change in our teacher-author world. Pinterest, Facebook, and the TpT site are continually evolving. Shelly does her best to stay current with those changes and revise things in the course accordingly.

Q: Will I learn the ins and outs of marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram in this course?
A: While we do discuss the importance of marketing in the course, there is NOT detailed instruction on those platforms.  The main emphasis of this course is product creation and listings.