About This Course

One of the old adages that you often hear in the entrepreneur space is, "You have to spend money to make money." Outsourcing projects and tasks is one of the best ways that you can free up time for yourself to:
  1. Focus on the type of work that will actually earn you profit and 
  2. Spend time doing the work that you actually enjoy doing. 

However, many Teacher-Authors are hesitant to outsource work for a variety of reasons. 

This session, led by someone who is both a Teacher-Author and a V.A. (with almost four years in business), is all about tips and strategies for effectively hiring and working with VAs so that you can scale your business

This helpful course includes:

  • Outsourcing 101 Guidebook: This workbook will walk you through everything you need to consider when you're ready to hire a virtual assistant. It's set up in a checklist format, so you can just go down the list and check off each question as you have an answer for it.
  • A video session that shows you all about hiring and working with virtual assistants.

Find out how to hire and work with the right team of people so that you can grow your business today! 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Outsourcing 101 Guidebook

    • Outsourcing 101 Guidebook: Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants

  • 2

    Outsourcing 101: Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants

    • Outsourcing 101 Video Session: Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants

About the Instructor


Leslie Auman Hirgelt

Leslie Auman Hirgelt is a Teacher-Author and a virtual assistant. She formerly taught 6th and 7th grade for three years before leaving her teaching career, so she has both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education degree in Middle Childhood Education. Her content areas of specialization are English language arts and social studies, but she also recently started a product line intended for educators to use for themselves, which she calls the Honest Educator Series. Leslie has been a virtual assistant since she started her own business in August 2015. After spending a little over a year growing her business, she started working from home full-time, running her business as her main source of income, in September 2016. She has worked with a number of clients in the Teachers Pay Teachers niche and has offered a variety of services. In addition to VA work, she also offers Teacher-Seller Virtual Assistant School for people who are interested in starting their own VA businesses in the TpT niche and branding consultations for Teacher-Authors.

Are you ready to hire and use a virtual assistant in your own business? Get started learning how today!