About This Course

Are you feeling lost or stuck with growing your business on Instagram? Building Your Brand on Instagram is for you! Building a brand for your business on Instagram is all about being memorable and standing out! 

All of the information shared will be focused on Instagram, but can be applied to all of your social media platforms (wherever your brand is being represented-blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.). Tips, Tricks, Where to Start, How to Grow, What to AVOID doing, Instagram Tutorials, and more will be shared!

Mini Course Breakdown:

  • Why Instagram?
  • Where to Start (Detailed Step by Step Checklist Provided)
  • Branding Your Feed- What to do RIGHT NOW
  • Archiving- Why it is so Important for Your Brand and Sponsorships
  • Making Connections
  • Know Your WORTH-$$$ and Social Media Kits
  • Instagram Tour with Tutorials
  • Photo Editing Tutorials

Goodies Included:

  • Branding Checklist- Getting Started and In General (going to the NEXT level)
  • Story Templates (editable)
  • Quote Templates for your Feed (editable)
  • Written Step by Step Directions- How to Apply Your Watermark to Your Photos, How To Properly Tag someone in a Post, and How and Why to Archive on Instagram

Can’t wait to connect with you! xo Amanda Thompson 


Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course PDFs, Checklists, and Helps

    • Branding Checklist

    • Archiving Tips

    • How to Tag in Posts and Stories

    • How to Watermark

    • Instagram Story Templates

    • Quote-Feed Templates

  • 2

    Course Video: Building Your Brand on Instagram

    • Build your brand on Instagram with these helpful tips, strategies, and ideas.

About the Instructor


Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson is a first grade teacher in New Jersey who loves her job. First and foremost she is a wife to her best friend and a mom to her two adorable kids, ages 2 and 4 years old. Amanda is a curriculum and resource designer for educators, a branding and design expert, and the creator of the Facebook group, Instagram Connection for Educators. She enjoys educational blogging, spending time as a social media influencer, and running her own educational business.

Are you ready to start building a larger authentic audience on Instagram with easy-to-implement Instagram branding? Do you want to be seen on Instagram? Get started today!