If you are ready to take your task cards to the NEXT level, this course is for you! I will walk you through every single option Boom has to offer, and when you’re done, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge, and will be able to create tons of different decks as well as use task cards that you’ve previously made in PPT.


PDF with detailed Instructions (37 pages long)

Module 1:  Welcome to the Boom Learning Platform

  • Learn the Platform (video is 9 minutes long)
  • Top Navigation
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Asset Manager

Module 2:  Creating Actions with Text Boxes

  • Upload images
  • Make Deck
  • Import Images
  • Lesson 1: Creating an action with one correct answer (video is 11 minutes)
  • Lesson 2: Creating an action with multiple correct answers (video is 5 minutes)
  • Lesson 3: Creating actions using the template card (video is 8 minutes)

Module 3: Creating Actions with Fill in the Blanks

  • Upload Deck
  • Make Deck
  • Import Images
  • Lesson 1: Fill in the Blank Action (video is 14 minutes)
  • Lesson 2: Text Boxes in Sentences (video is 2 minutes)

Module 4: Multi Actions

  • Lesson 1: Multi-Choice Word Options (video is 16 minutes)
  • Changing border/image boxes/grids
  • Lesson 2: Multi-Pic Options (video is 8 minutes)
  • Lesson 3: Multi pic and Caption Option (video is 7 minutes)

Module 5: Drag and Drop Actions

  • Lesson 1:  Drop Boxes with Buttons (video is 10 minutes)
  • Lesson 2:  Draggable Images to use as manipulatives (video is 2 ½  minutes)

Module 6: FlowMagic

  • Lesson 1:  Linking pages, home button, next button, and much more (video is 13 minutes)
  • Lesson 2:  Adding Sound (video is 4 minutes)

Module 7:  Publishing Deck

  • Boom and TPT (video is 4 minutes)

Module 8:  Miscellaneous

  • Color Picker
  • Fractions


Q:  Do I need to have a Boom Account to create?

A:  Yes, you will have to create a Boom Account and pay for the Ultimate Membership which is $35.00 per year.

Q:  Do you think it is worth it?  Do your Boom Decks sell?

A:Ya’ll… It’s SO worth it!  Now, keep in mind - my Boom Decks sell MUCH better on TPT, so you will definitely want to sell on both platforms.  In the past year, I’ve seen a huge increase in Boom purchases.  Another thing I’ve found is that the buyers of Boom Decks are always coming back for more and buying bundles like crazy! (Which tells me they are loving what they are getting).

Q:  How long does this course take to go through?

A:  I tried to keep the videos short so that you can watch and work as you go.  I’ve created a lot of “Play decks” for you to use as we go through the videos so that you can work alongside me.  

But also keep in mind that you can come back as long as you need.  You will have access for the life of the course.  This means you can work through the course whenever you have the time!

Q:  Will the course be updated?

A:  Yes, I am always creating Boom Decks, so if I find that they have added/changed up things, I will go back into the course and update.  

Q:  What’s Included?

A:  15 videos, 1 PDF and 8 practice decks

So are you ready to start creating digital resources that are truly interactive, engaging, and FUN?  If so… I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!  

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome/Important Information

    • Welcome/Important Information

  • 2

    Course Guidebook

    • BoomLearning Course Guidebook

  • 3

    When Teachers Ask Questions

    • When Teachers Ask Questions

  • 4

    Module 1: Welcome to the Boom Learning Platform

    • Create Your Boom Learning Account

  • 5

    Module 2: Creating Actions with Text Boxes

    • Creating an Action with One Correct Answer

    • Creating an Action with Multiple Correct Answers

    • Creating Actions Using the Template Card

  • 6

    Module 3: Creating Actions with Fill in the Blanks

    • Fill in the Blank Action

    • Text Boxes in Sentences

  • 7

    Module 4: Multi Actions

    • Multi-Choice Word Options

    • Multi-Pic Options

    • Multi-Pic and Caption Option

  • 8

    Module 5: Drag and Drop Actions

    • Drop Boxes with Buttons

    • Draggable Images to Use as Manipulatives

  • 9

    Module 6: FlowMagic

    • Linking Pages, Home Button, Next Button, and Much More

    • Adding Sound

  • 10

    Module 7: Publishing Decks

    • Boom and TpT

    • Boom and Uploading to TpT Part 2

  • 11

    Module 8: Extras

    • Color Picker and Fractions

About the Instructor


Shanon Juneau

Shanon has been a teacher for 20 years (and counting).  She taught first grade for 12 years (this is where her heart is).  She has also taught 6-8th grade ELA and technology in the classroom for four years, was an administrator for 1 ½ years (not her favorite) and taught at the district level in technology for three years.  She is currently back in a district role as a technology facilitator - which means she goes to the 42 schools in her district and helps teachers incorporate technology into their daily lessons.She has been creating on TpT for six years, and absolutely loves everything about creating.  She has over 1700 resources in her store, and her connections to the classroom and to teachers across the district keeps her super busy with creating resources that teachers truly need in their classrooms.She found Boom when they first created the platform, but she didn’t start creating for Boom until 2018.  She spent countless hours learning the platform, and now feels like she has enough under her belt to help you create on the platform as well.  She KNOWS that Boom is going to be a huge hit, and feels that the more teachers are shown Boom, the more popular it will become.  

Are you ready to learn how to digitize your task cards for Boom Learning? Get started today!